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funtracker.site_releases_opencart_stellar_payment_plugin OpenCart Stellar Payment plugin

We are proud to announce that our new OpenCart Stellar plugin V0.1.0 alpha version has been released. It now also includes an optional escrow mode that can be enabled by the admin of the store.

The My_wallet web wallet app and our own branch of Stargazer are presently the only wallet apps that supports the new V3.0 protocol for escrow that is required for this mode to function.

We have now released an upgraded prototype Stargazer wallet app (android version) that now also support V3.0 protocol. The open source code can be seen at: With the apk file build that can be used to test the new release at:

You can also use any other stellar wallet in NON-escrow mode but it would require cut and paste of all that is required to setup an order, asset_code, issuer, memo, destination publicId,

To check out the the demo test store using fake testnet USD assets see:

For a funded wallet with the needed testnet USD assets to play with try my_wallet here:

To check out the source code of our store creation you can take a look at for the store side of the code. It includes screen shots of the store running from the customer and admin side. The V3.0 protocol is also documented in detail in the

To see the my_wallet web app side of the code see: to see a working version of the wallet side of escrow V3.0 protocol.

If you would like to setup your own web store or POS (Point Of Sale) store that is also an option with OpenCart using any form of stellar asset, let use know to setup an appointment to arrange for consultation.

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